~ Book Five ~

Sometimes true love shows up when it’s least unexpected.

Photographer Kira Nash has spent the last year pining for Sam, the one that got away when he moved out of state. So she isn’t quite sure what to make of the handsome stranger who’s been giving her a hard time at the Victorian inn where she’s taking pictures.

Will Rutherford has been hurt by a woman before, so he isn’t looking to get involved with anyone, and besides, he’s got more than enough to deal with already. There’s the inn he mysteriously inherited, not to mention the busy I.T. department he runs for a bank back in Chicago.

Moreover, the timing couldn’t be worse. Will is only in town for three weeks, and as it turns out, the inn is becoming much more trouble than he’d bargained for. But when Kira and Will meet and sparks fly, could they both turn out to be exactly what the other one needs?

A springtime romance with just a touch of mystery!

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