~ Book Two ~

He may be handsome, but he’s still a business associate…

Gia Stewart has worked tirelessly to make a splash in the stressful world of event coordination, but sometimes, even the best-laid plans won’t cut it. She’d better not make any more mistakes, or the demotion she was hit with won’t be temporary. But does an undeniable attraction for a handsome cherry farmer slash business partner count as a mistake?

Seth Pederson’s girlfriend has big plans for their future as a couple. When he rushed home from California to take over his family’s ailing Wisconsin cherry orchard, he had every intention of keeping up the long-distance relationship. But as the reality of the situation set in, his feelings for Stacey changed, and he can no longer imagine a future that includes her in it. Still, he made a commitment, and he’s not the cheating type.

When Gia begins helping Seth bring the orchard back to profitability with plans to create a busy wedding venue at the beautiful country farm, can Seth and Gia build more than just a friendship, without hurting Stacey, and still save Gia’s career?

A small-town, friends-to-lovers romance, with a roller coaster ride of a second half.

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