~ Book Four ~

If you love someone, set her free, right?

After an incredible summer romance, Jake Dahl decided it would be best if he and Angela broke up, but only because Angela was moving to the city to start a new job. Jake never wanted to lose her, but he couldn’t imagine maintaining a successful relationship in which they’d live three hours apart.

Angela Wright would’ve committed to a long-distance relationship in a heartbeat, but she wasn’t given the chance. Still, her new job is going well, and she’s been doing her best not to wallow in heartbreak for the past six weeks.

Now, the office Christmas party has just been announced, and Angela desperately needs to bring a date. Unfortunately, it turns out that when Jake agrees to play the part, convincing the office they’re a couple is only half the battle.

When Angela returns to Heritage Bay for Christmas, will they emerge with their hearts in pieces? Or will the warmth of the season bring them back together once and for all?

A deliciously snow-filled and lighthearted fake holiday romance!

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