~ Book 1 ~

When the past and present collide, can new love win?

Adventure guide and volunteer search-and-rescue medic, Nick Bingham, still thinks he made the right choice when he dropped out of med school last year, but almost everyone else tends to disagree. His ego has taken a hit, and so has his love life.

Travel writer, Courtney Price, has finally pieced her life back together after a heart-wrenching breakup. She’s starting over with a new job in a new town, but whether she’s over her ex-boyfriend remains to be seen.

When Nick meets Courtney, will the self-doubt he harbors threaten his chance at a future with the girl of his dreams? And when her ex-boyfriend reenters her life, will Courtney break Nick’s trust just as soon as he’s offered it?

A heartwarming, small-town, redemptive sweet romance.

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