This collection contains the first three books in the One Sweet Day series. Escape to the small-town, vacation destination of Heritage Bay, in Door County, Wisconsin on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan and find out how the passion, the friendships, and the happily-ever-afters begin. Find it here on Amazon for purchase or read in Kindle Unlimited.

One Sweet Day I Found You, Book 1

When the past and present collide, can new love win?

If travel writer Courtney Price could just leave her fractured past behind her—cheating ex, included—she’d be thrilled.

Still, it might’ve been helpful if someone had mentioned the handsome young adventure guide who’d be leading her on her first assignment.

If adventure guide and search-and-rescue medic Nick Bingham could just get over his questionable choice to drop out of med school last year—family and ex-girlfriend disapproval, included—he’d be thrilled.

Still, it might’ve been helpful if someone had warned him about the cute young travel writer he’d be taking on a kayaking trip.

When the chemistry between them is undeniable, and they begin to pursue a future together, can their budding relationship withstand the shadows of a fractured past?

Or is their happily-ever-after out of reach for good?

One Sweet Day is Never Enough, Book 2

Does an attraction for a captivating cherry farmer-slash-business partner count as a mistake?

Gia Stewart has worked tirelessly to make a splash in the stressful world of event coordination, but sometimes, even the best-laid plans won’t cut it. She’d better not make any more mistakes, or the demotion she was hit with won’t be temporary.

Seth Pederson rushed home from California to take over his family’s ailing cherry orchard after his father suffered a debilitating heart attack. He’s eager to pitch in and start over again in Wisconsin, but sometimes, that’s easier said than done.

When sparks fly between Seth and Gia and they begin to create a busy wedding venue at the farm, will Seth’s failure to deal with his past destroy their chance at a future?

One Sweet Day Can Last Forever, Book 3

Are some things just meant to be?

Tom Garcia’s both the life of the party and the type of guy that every woman wants for a big brother. Still, he doesn’t have a special someone in his life.

But he did, at one time. Until he made a choice that he might regret forever.

Juliet Hughes thought she’d spend the rest of her life with Tom, until one day, three years ago, when Tom’s world was turned upside down by a terrible car accident. Devastated and unwilling to accept anyone’s help, even hers, Tom forced her out of his life. So Juliet ran. Four hundred miles away.

But now, she’s returning to Wisconsin to help her mother downsize into a smaller home, and by some incredible twist of fate, she’s come face to face with him again. Can Tom and Juliet put their tangled past to rest and pick up where they left off? Or is the love they once shared gone for good?

A small-town, second-chance autumn romance.

♥ The ONE SWEET DAY series contains only PG-rated steam and no graphic language or violence. Find the three-book collection here on Amazon for purchase or read in Kindle Unlimited.